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Post  arias on Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:10 pm


Per click : 0.01 $
Per ref click : 0.005 $
Payout : 1.5 $ Alertpay,Paypal

Simply. You can buy a topup ie membership at some time (from 10 days up to 1 year - prices are so high for how long you buy). 10 days pay $ 3 and get it to 100 ad views. This ad will be placed between the other and here it can all members click. Ptc pay for 100 views 1 $ + $ 0.5 per refy admin so a profit of $ 1.5 each ad.
That's how they do all the members and you click their ads and thus receive the money.
You have an unlimited number of ads per day. Where members buy ads can move the number of ads in dozens per day.

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